Daily Archives: May 15, 2012


This song was not recorded in this house

5/15/2012: CRYPTIC PROGRAMMING NOTE:  We have been trying to write a slow song for a long time. Months. Years. We have never been able to, not in any way that holds our attention. Faster is easier, but we must grow up: Faster ignores the reality of the plodding march of…


So. What do we do with things like this? What kind of FEELINGS could fit this music–other than the obvious? At what point does Self-Determination (nee           -Perception) break down to Self-Pity? When are we allowed to shake our fists at the sky like children?


Seriously: There are 3 parts here. A Verse, then a Chorus (possibly?), and a Bridge(?). There are no words, not yet. Though they will come, I’m sure.

Tell us what you think, we beg of you,

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